Phil Miller's Poor Judgment & Liberal Agenda Are
Disastrous for Southeast Iowa Families...

Phil Miller Pushed Liberal East Coast Policies at Our Children's Expense.

Phil Miller voted to adopt a policy drafted by liberal East Coast school districts allowing students to use the bathroom of their choice based on their gender identity, despite Fairfield students reporting instances of bullying and intimidating experiences at school.

"Female students were in the girls' locker room changing when male students walked in. These girls were embarrassed and humiliated and chose to not change in their own locker room, but remain in street clothes."

"Some males reported that a female was coming in to the boys' restroom and pulling her pants and underwear down to use the urinal. They were disturbed by this display."

Phil Miller's poor judgment puts our children's safety and education at risk.

Read the Fairfield school board packet and see for yourself how policy from liberal Massachusetts was pushed on our kids by Phil Miller.

Liberal Healthcare Policies Hurting Southeast Iowa Families.

"72,000 Iowans who are on the brink of losing coverage... Iowa could be on the leading edge of a national calamity... could leave tens of thousands of Iowans adrift."
Des Moines Register, 4 May 2017

Phil Miller is part of the same liberal team that got our families into this mess. Our families can't trust him to fix healthcare.

Higher Taxes. Bigger Government. Fewer Jobs.

Phil Miller is seeking to join the team of liberals in Des Moines that support...

-Higher taxes on our families and small businesses
-More big government regulations that kill jobs

Miller even supports Obamacare, the health care disaster that has dramatically increased health insurance premiums for working families and local job creators. (1)

Sources: 1. Democrat Party of Iowa's Party Platform; 2. Des Moines Register, August 18, 2016